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Holiday Rants and Joys–Christmas Carols

So I would listen to Christmas music from the second I push away my third plate of turkey on Thanksgiving to January 2.   By then I am usually done.  There are some carols that burn my nanny and others … Read More

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Thanks Giving

So Thanksgiving comes early this year and here we go right into the holidays, but before I lose my head in all of it I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge what I liked best about this year. I am grateful… … Read More

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I consider myself a glass half full drinking, bright side looking, silver lining finding kind of girl. At all costs, I try to avoid negativity, drama, the haters, and the soda drinkers (another post). I am trying to teach my … Read More

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Judging A Cover By Its Book

I never met a cover of mine that I didn’t like. I know some authors who hate what they wind up with, but not me. From the first time I saw the sketch for my debut novel, ON THE VERGE … Read More

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My Serving of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is here. Time once again to give thanks and eat too much. I guess that’s pretty much what I do every day of the year, but now it’s a bank holiday. I just read here that an “attitude of gratitude” is … Read More

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I Heart Libraries

This post originally appeared at Last week, my kindergarten son’s school newsletter announced that the library was going to be open after school for parents and kids.  Not exactly believing my good fortune, I questioned his teacher at pick-up … Read More

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Dr. Strangebook or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Tweet

I have a confession to make: I’m afraid of technology. I don’t like it and I suspect it doesn’t like me either. I’ve been called “poison to computers”. If a computer is going to crash and cough up every picture … Read More

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Momfriends of the Month – Ratha and Pam

So I am a little late in instituting what I hope will be a “thing” for 2011.  Momfriends of the Month.  Here at the Momfriends HQ, we like to celebrate actual friends, not just characters in books.  So for February … Read More

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Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Yes, I love Christmas, but Thanksgiving rocks because it is all about eating. And I REALLY love to eat.

When I am invited somewhere my first thought – sometimes first question if I am close to the host- is “what food will be there?” I’ve been known to position myself strategically at cocktail hours so I can maximize my access to the passed appetizers. Let’s be honest passed appetizers are the best thing to happen to food since the fork and those appetizer passers can be pretty wily.

I often surprise others with how fast I can clean my plate. Wait-staff stand in shock and awe at what I consider to be a perfectly normal level of consumption. Recently after ordering brunch at a place known for its meat specials, I overheard the waitress talking to the couple at the next table about the smoked and fried pork nuggets. I stopped her as she passed my table to find out more. “We do have those,” she said, slightly disturbed. “But you’ve already ordered quite a bit to eat.” I was deeply embarrassed and I don’t know that I will be going back. But those pork nuggets were delicious.

But on Thanksgiving everyone is focused on eating. It’s the one day a year where people discover the secret that I’ve known the whole year—it’s okay to unbutton the top button of your pants after a big meal. This year, I’m going to have not one but two turkey dinners on consecutive days. The first will be with family and the second will be with friends. Turkeys are like snowflakes-no two are exactly the same. I’m looking forward to the cooking smells, the sides and of course the eventual sandwiches.

But beyond the dinner table, this year, I have a lot to be grateful for. I digitally published a book for the first time. I’m grateful that I was able to put out a story that I believed in and get such an incredible reception.

Epublishing Momfriends allowed me the freedom to tell my story the way I wanted to. It may be an independent book, but I was far from alone in this endeavor. It turns out it takes a village to make an ebook. So here is my list of people I am grateful for, my online acknowledgements, if you will. Momfriends would not exist without this crew. So as I relish my thirteenth bite of my second turkey this year I am giving thanks:

To my lady friends-Mom and otherwise-you know who you are. I am so lucky to have you to commiserate with, laugh with and lean on.

To Kelly Blair for creating the fantastic cover and wearing fabulous shoes.

To Lynn Messina for answering SOS calls, sharing research and cheese down the middle, and thorough copy-editing.

To Karen Oh for all-nighters and web site creation with style, savvy and integrity.

To Steve Moors for great pictures and good karma.

To Joshua Tallent at eBook Architects for formatting the book so fabulously and fast.

To Mike Greaney for being the best editor, teammate, everything.

To YOU for coming to the site. I hope you come again,

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Go back for thirds.
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Hello all and welcome to my site!

I am a writer based in Brooklyn New York and this is my very first blog posting. In my pre-blog life I have published 3 novels, that have been translated all over the world into many languages I can’t speak, … Read More

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