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Wondering who you will connect with the most in my new book MOMFRENEMIES? The answers may surprise you.
1) On the playground do you?
a) Check your work email and wish you had more hours in the day
b) Engage with your children and let your imagination go wherever the kids take you.
c)Playground? Not me. I don’t have time for that. Plus the germs.

2) Look at your feet. Are you?
a) Wearing fuck-me clogs. That’s a heel right?
b) Barefoot or want to be.
c) Smart pumps thanks.

3) Describe your mothering style:
a) Huh? I’m lucky to get through the day
c)Hands on, some might say helicopter

4) What is your perfect idea of a moms’ night out?
a) A movie. Perfect. The dads can watch the kids.
b) A dance club. Let’s get some energy out.
c) Wine. Is there gonna be wine?