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Wondering who you will connect with the most in my new book MOMFRENEMIES? The answers may surprise you.
1) On the playground do you?
a) Check your work email and wish you had more hours in the day
b) Engage with your children and let your imagination go wherever the kids take you.
c)Playground? Not me. I don’t have time for that. Plus the germs.

2) Look at your feet. Are you?
a) Wearing fuck-me clogs. That’s a heel right?
b) Barefoot or want to be.
c) Smart pumps thanks.

3) Describe your mothering style:
a) Huh? I’m lucky to get through the day
c)Hands on, some might say helicopter

4) What is your perfect idea of a moms’ night out?
a) A movie. Perfect. The dads can watch the kids.
b) A dance club. Let’s get some energy out.
c) Wine. Is there gonna be wine?

5) What’s for dinner?
a) The kid’s leftover mac and cheese.
b) Organic greens with some farmers cheese and artisanal bread.
c) Takeout

6) You’re having a playdate with another kid at your house
a)I’m not ready.
b) Great I have some glitter, some glue and no problem with water or paint getting anywhere.
c) There will be 30 minutes of drawing on paper at the table, 15 minutes of snack, 30 minutes of screen time and then quiet reading until the other mother gets here

7) Describe your decoration style
a) Um?
b) Creative tapestries and spaces for the kids to imagine
c) Mid-century modern or at least that’s what the designer said

8) What are you drinking?
a)Beer. It’s what’s for dinner
b) I’m more of a marijuana enthusiast
c) If it’s in a bottle I’ll take it

9) The school fundraiser has music this year and the hottest kindie rocker in town is playing—do you?
a) Hide. I like real music.Why don’t they serve alcohol at these things?
b) Really let go. It’s so wonderful that the kids are surrounded by creativity and this band is supporting their muse
c) Figure out a way to get the lead singer alone for a quick handie.

Mostly As- You’re a Ruth. Most likely a new mom, you’re still getting the hang of this stuff. Your sense of humor will keep you sane and you will surprise yourself with what a great mom you are.
Mostly Bs- You’re a Kirsten. Nothing phases you and you always stay zen. Your calm demeanor is what soothes those around you. You respect the imagination and creativity of the kids around you and other minds find you inspirational.
Mostly Cs- You’re a Claudia. You like the rules and your children are well-behaved. You have a secret wild side that’s coming out more and more. You always looks good and you are reliable and organized. Don’t be afraid to kick off your shoes and let your hair down.

A mix-up-You can’t be defined and you shun rules. You won’t be told who you are by an online quiz. You know who you are and you’re a lot like the author of Momfriends and Momfrenemies. You do you! And whoever you are, please check out the book.

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