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Thanks Giving

So Thanksgiving comes early this year and here we go right into the holidays, but before I lose my head in all of it I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge what I liked best about this year. I am grateful…

-Most of all that my family was safe during Hurricane Sandy. I feel extremely fortunate that for my part of Brooklyn Sandy was not much more than a chance to slow down and be with people I love spending time with. But it was not that way for everyone, so please remember the “give” in Thanksgiving.

-For Cynar. Somewhere in the past year it has become my go to drink. It’s made from
artichokes. It’s a little bit bitter and a little bit sweet.. . and Italian. The perfect drink for me.

-To my meat CSA. Really, it doesn’t get much better than a pork chop on a grill when you know where it came from.

-To the amazonbot. Momfriends has been out for two years. Last month was the best month EVER. I am so happy that it is getting out there. While I usually HATE technology, I love when the amazonbot suggests my book to people who might never have heard of it

-Because our president is a father of daughters. And for this and many reasons he seems to respect the rights of women.

-For Authors Unbound. It’s a place for indie authors to find their fans and their voices. We are making exciting partnerships and have big things planned for the new year. I am so proud of the work we’ve done on this. And all the cookies

-To New Yorkers who give children their seat on public transportation. These people don’t really need my gratitude because they have great karma

-For Connie Britton (again). Sure “Nashville” is a soap opera, but I just can’t quit you, Connie. Call me . . . maybe?

-To the Kennedys. Have you seen the documentary “Ethel”? You should. Those people know a thing or two about public service.

-And of course to YOU, for all your support.

Happy Thanksgiving and if you need a break this holiday season, might I suggest a glass of Cynar. Cin-Cin!

What are you thankful for this year?


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