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Wondering who you will connect with the most in my new book MOMFRENEMIES? The answers may surprise you.
1) On the playground do you?
a) Check your work email and wish you had more hours in the day
b) Engage with your children and let your imagination go wherever the kids take you.
c)Playground? Not me. I don’t have time for that. Plus the germs.

2) Look at your feet. Are you?
a) Wearing fuck-me clogs. That’s a heel right?
b) Barefoot or want to be.
c) Smart pumps thanks.

3) Describe your mothering style:
a) Huh? I’m lucky to get through the day
c)Hands on, some might say helicopter

4) What is your perfect idea of a moms’ night out?
a) A movie. Perfect. The dads can watch the kids.
b) A dance club. Let’s get some energy out.
c) Wine. Is there gonna be wine? More »

My Creative Process: The Stinky Snoozy Truth

I have a friend who is a rock star. She is a singer-songwriter. Sometimes when I turn on the TV, I catch one of her songs in the soundtrack and it makes me proud.
She is also REALLY good about keeping her fans in the loop of what is up with her in an authentic way. I envy that and I feel I have a lot to learn about being  more open and engaging my readers. Recently she sent out a dispatch about the making of her latest album complete with photos of the process. I enjoyed the pictures of the snowy cabin she went up to for the weekend with her gear and guitars and the shots of her and a bunch of cute boy musicians sitting around making music. There was video of some rough jams that still sounded awesome, like an old-school MTV Unplugged. It was all super creative and fun.
I began to imagine what it would be like if someone was here documenting my process and how different it would be. What exactly would these masochists documentarians find? Many days, if I am writing, the only thing cute around here is the dog and she distracts me with her adorableness so much that I can’t possibly figure out how to work through that slow middle section. Though I do have an actual desk, I write a lot of it from the couch. My battered computer is my only real gear. Truly a lot of the pictures would just be of me staring into space waiting, wondering, hoping that the ideas will flow. The photographer would probably get a number of shots of procrastination–be it checking my Amazon status, going to the fridge for my fifth slice of Colby Jack or just a teeny scoop of hummus and of course the ever constant google searches which might start with how to spell an Italian expression   and end in video tutorial of how to make Korean short ribs.  More »

Holiday Rants and Joys–Christmas Carols

So I would listen to Christmas music from the second I push away my third plate of turkey on Thanksgiving to January 2.   By then I am usually done.  There are some carols that burn my nanny and others that put me in the mood for cocoa and twinkling lights.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside:  Every time I hear this song I want to tell the male singer that no means no. There’s something really creepy and desperate about this guy.  Especially when the guy is Rod Stewart because I love Dolly and I know she really wants her fancy warm tour bus to get her the heck out.  I would be checking the medicine cabinet for Rufinol.  Please remind your daughters that it is NEVER too “cold outside” to go home

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Thanks Giving

So Thanksgiving comes early this year and here we go right into the holidays, but before I lose my head in all of it I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge what I liked best about this year. I am grateful…

-Most of all that my family was safe during Hurricane Sandy. I feel extremely fortunate that for my part of Brooklyn Sandy was not much more than a chance to slow down and be with people I love spending time with. But it was not that way for everyone, so please remember the “give” in Thanksgiving.

-For Cynar. Somewhere in the past year it has become my go to drink. It’s made from
artichokes. It’s a little bit bitter and a little bit sweet.. . and Italian. The perfect drink for me. More »

Tonight’s The Night – Authors Unbound Reading at Duplex in NYC

Hope to see you there 

GO INDIE with Authors Unbound at the Duplex on October 9.
Join authors…
*Brittany Geragotelis (What the Spell?)
*Frank Anthony Polito (Lost in the ’90s)
*Lynn Messina (Bleak)
*Ariella Papa (Turn of The Century Stories)
…as they read from their work and discuss epublishing. Moderated by Amy Edelman (editor of Indie Reader).

Have two drinks (minimum!) and a good time.
.. More »