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My Serving of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is here. Time once again to give thanks and eat too much. I guess that’s pretty much what I do every day of the year, but now it’s a bank holiday. I just read here that an “attitude of gratitude” is scientifically good for you and who can argue with science?

So please indulge me while I improve my mental health. I am grateful for:

One year of Momfriends Epublishing a book has been a fun, frustrating, empowering, and exhausting experience. I’m glad I did it and I will do it again. Very soon. But for now Momfriends is on sale. Check it out

Farm fresh eggs I love these things. My CSA just ended and I am in serious withdrawal. Is there a food more perfect than the egg? Perhaps bacon. Someday maybe pigs will lay eggs.

The internets Is there anything I can’t find? With very little to go on and many wrong words I found a Robert Pinsky poem that had been swirling though my head for weeks in no time flat thanks to that crazy series of tubes.

My dad My family probably could not function without him. He knows about cars. He knows about cutlets. He knows about Costco. Plus he babysits.

Florence and The Machine. Her voice is strong and womanly and doesn’t hold back. I aspire to that. And is there something about redheaded women that automatically makes them cool? Tori Amos, Joan Hollaway, Kelly B and Maggie L. I guess you just have to be born with it.

Connie Britton A similar vibe to Flo. Strong and beautiful. I laughed and cried with her in FNL and I couldn’t imagine how much I would laugh and shudder with her in another role. Now I love her in American Horror Story. But Dylan McDermott’s got nothing on Coach.

Kids And not just my own. Kids remind me that there doesn’t have to be a ceiling on your imagination and that is a lesson I almost always really need.

Pork It takes a backseat to turkey this time of year, but we must never forget the power of the pork. And that power means that one day pigs WILL lay eggs. Eggs of bacon.

Parking Gods I live in Brooklyn and suffer through alternate side of the street parking. I bow before the altar of the parking gods. You kind and benevolent gods, you. When it rains, you give me spots on the block. When it snows, you cancel alternate side. When I really have to be somewhere, you use your magic to make others pull out of their spots. And sometimes you don’t give me a spot when I really need it and I understand that in those times, I need to sacrifice. But I have faith. You are all knowing and wise.

YOU Thank you for coming from all over to this site and for all your emails and support. Even if you are lurking, I hope that maybe one day you will comment or make contact. I would love to hear from you and find out what you are thankful for.


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